About Water Consultants

Water Consultants is a free & open forum for water consultants around the world, a place where we can come together to share experience and help each other.

By water, we mean the entire human water cycle: from storm/surface water management & groundwater resources, through desalination & potable water treatment, via transmission and distribution networks to customer & demand management then on to municipal & industrial wastewater collection, treatment and reuse.  Water Consultants cover Water Resources Management; Asset Management; Process, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical,  Instrumentation, Control & Automation Engineering; Operations; Customer Relations; Environmental Science; Health & Safety; Research & Development; Investment, Transaction & Technical Advisory; etc.  The whole gamut of water expertise.

The water cycle is so interdependent, the challenges so great, and the experts so specialised, that water consultants rarely ever work in isolation.  For this reason we created the Water Consultants group on LinkedIn to allow us to get together, and make it easier than ever to find exactly the right expert for any job.

Water Consultants is facilitated by Aqueum, the Water Consultants’ Cooperative.  While independent, freelance consultants were foremost in our mind when we set up Water Consultants, we also welcome corporate consultants with open arms.

In addition to a community of water experts we provide mechanisms for consultants to share leads and to be found by new clients.